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Mothers' Group Celebrate First Birthday with a Cake Smash

Pregnant women will often hear a lot about mothers' groups forming and are also guilty of having the common thought of whether they too will one day have one of their own. So, we have decided to share with you a wonderful Mother's group that celebrated their first year of surviving as parents by having a joint cake smash to show new Mums how wonderful they are!

The group came together from a few different routes. Some met at antenatal classes, whilst others were from community mothers groups who branched off and then all joined up! They have an online closed group on Facebook where they can share their daily 'Mummy Wins' and also reach out to one another for support and advice (whether that be on dummies, bottles, nappies) - which is especially useful on those long, sleepless nights where you may feel really isolated.  

Mummy Crystal with her beautiful daughter, Lilly.Mummy Crystal with her beautiful daughter, Lilly.


At first, the group of Mums regularly met, however as their babies are now toddlers and many of the Mums had to return to work after the first year, the group - whilst still in contact with each other- experienced a decrease in catch ups. One of the Mummy's explained where they would meet, "In the beginning it was cafes and restaurants around the area. Trying to bounce a baby in one arm and eat lunch in the other. We packed out places with our prams. Then we used a church hall once the babies started rolling and crawling and needing stimulation and play (one of the mums had links with the Church who owned the hall). We then moved onto meetings at each others houses and now playgrounds. It was once a week until mums started going back to work and trailed off to once a fortnight then once a month in the lead up to their 1st birthday cake smash. Now we are meeting up every fortnight or so because we have all gone back for a 2nd child" 

Through it all the Mums have persevered and try to make time for each other and their toddlers to have a play, especially at their annual joint birthday party for all the kids. To keep the party affordable each Mum purchases one gift for another child (just like Kris Kringle) and they have a large birthday cake to share... well, except for their first birthday where the Mums (and Dads) got together to do a fabulous Cake Smash. 

When asked how they managed to get all the 1 year olds to line up, Crystal explained, "All the mums were lined up with the bubs as the photographer got ready. We then counted down and 'dumped' them and ran while the photographer snapped. We initially though they would smash the cakes before we could get a good photo but they were all stunned and in shock with their families behind the photographer making faces and noises trying to get their attention. Quite a few cried and a high percentage wouldn't even touch their cake. They surprisingly needed a lot of prompting and help to get into it."










If you have considered joining (or forming your own) group of mums, here is some pretty great advice a Mum from this group gave:  

"Try some online Facebook groups in the local area so you can get to know some of the mothers first if you are shy - you feel like you all know each other so well before you actually meet. Not only is it good for the kids to have social interaction but parents also need adult conversation too as being a parent takes up a lot of your day."


And here is one more photo of the group getting together for their second birthday: