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The Effortless Nappy



We asked some of our Mummy readers what the most annoying thing about nappies are. Not surprisingly the most common responses were “having to prepare the nappy while keeping a toddler at bay“, “poo explosions“, “costing 0.50c each” and “having to change them at all!”

When we asked them why they don’t use cloth nappies, the general consensus was that cloth nappies leak, they are a hassle to clean, and they are not practical once their baby grows and starts moving around. However, if we could address all of these issues then the Mums agreed that they would definitely put their baby in cloth nappies as it not only benefits the baby, but also the environment and their finances.

Well, while we cannot alter your little-poop-machine’s output; it is our greatest pleasure to introduce you to the Effortless Nappy. Yes, you read that correctly – effortless!

The Effortless Nappy is an all-in-one nappy that requires no assembly. They are as close to a disposable nappy as you can get while being completely reusable, making it possibly the best cloth nappy you have ever used! These nappies are not only practical and cost effective; they also come in some amazing gender neutral designs in a soft-touch material that will grow with your child from birth (3kg) up to 18kg.

The waterproof nappies use double gusseting around the legs to prevent leakage and have a wide waist band (with no Velcro!) which eliminates the nappy from sticking into their sides and irritating their precious skin. You know what else? There is NO soaking! Straight into the washing machine they go.  You can literally save time and effort while also saving the environment – you deserve some wine for that!

If you are still worried about the poo explosion, the Effortless Nappy can be lined with a biodegradable, flushable liner that is super absorbent and can just be picked up and dropped into the toilet, compost bin, or your normal garbage collection. There is even a super absorbent booster, the ‘Effortless Nappy Booster’ for night time to prevent you from having to change nappies and lose sleep. It literally is effortless!

OK... So you can tell we are a little bit excited and in love with these environmentally and budget friendly trendy nappies and therefore challenge you to give them a go. However, if you are still not convinced on the benefits (and there are many more) we recommend you checking out their website and reading more about them. They know how busy mums are and have very kindly done the maths for you by breaking down the costs and showing you the savings.


Are you ready to join the modern cloth nappy revolution now?



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