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A Guide & Suggestions for going on Cruises

Image courtesy of Stuart Miles & FreeDigitalPhotos.netImage courtesy of Stuart Miles & FreeDigitalPhotos.netNeed to decide on your next destination for a holiday, but want to do something that everyone will enjoy? I can honestly say from experiencing that cruising is one of the best holidays to pay for. The boat itself isn’t overcrowded, the staff is always friendly and helpful, and the overall experience is spectacular. The standard price that an individual pays varies depending on the room you would like, however the final price includes your accommodation, food, live entertainment, activities and cleaning services. Cruises accommodate for all ages, and there is never a time where there is nothing to do see or eat.

Going on a cruise is an exciting memory. You can go at any time of the year (however I strongly suggest booking for around September because it is calm seas and quite warm weather), and you can go to any destination whether it is the South Pacific Islands, America, New Zealand, Australia, Europe etc. The duration of the cruise varies to 3 days to 100 days +. I recommend if you have never cruised before to try a sampler cruise that goes out to see and back over the space of 3 days which will help you decide if cruising is the right holiday for you.

Things to do on board: When on the boat on sea days, the cruise atmosphere is lively. There is many things you are able to do including eat at nearly every minute of the day, swim at the public pools on board, do activities like trivia, bingo, competitive games where you can win prizes etc. Kids can attend kids club at most hours of the day, however the kids club is categorised by ages so they will be divided into the appropriate club for them where they will do fun games and activities like disco’s, parties, arcade, sports, watch movies etc. to keep them occupied. You don’t need to worry about cleaning your room every day because you are supplied with a steward that looks after your entire room, they clean it, change the sheets, make the beds etc. You name it and they will do it for you. Every night the cruise ship provides movies on the pool deck, or live shows in the theatre lounges which showcase the staff and guest performer’s talent. Also some nights, the cruise has a theme night where passengers can dress up and attend parties that cater to the particular theme. Themes include formal night, island night, Mexican night etc. Theme nights vary depending on the boat but you will get notified prior to boarding the boat.

Things to do off board: When you get off the boat, on port days you will be able to have your own time to do whatever you like, you can either explore the destination on your own, where you will have the freedom to decide your holiday on your own, this is inexpensive and fun. However, if you would like to do a tour of your choice, you have the opportunity to book a tour through a travel agency or the boat itself for an additional fee, this may be a little more expensive but it is more adventurous and different to anything you may have experienced before.

Things to eat: If you are worried about not liking the food on the boat, don’t be. There is heaps of variety that you can choose from for any of the three main meals where you can eat what you like. On most ships, you can either choose to eat healthy or unhealthy, but both are accommodated for. At all meals you are able to decide whether you would like to go the buffet, where you can eat all you want from the wide selection they provide. The other option is going to the complimentary restaurant, where it is more of a finer dini9ng experience. On every boat, there are restaurants that you can dine at for an additional fee but that is completely up to the passenger.

I hope that you are now eager to experience a cruise because I can't express how much of a good holiday it is for all of the family, it is what you make out of it but I have never met a person that doesn't like the holiday once they have given it a chance.