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Adopt, Don't Shop!

If you and your family are thinking about bringing an animal into your home, adopt one (or two) instead of purchasing them from pet shops or breeders. 

Don’t buy pets from a pet store (unless they are registered rescue groups, i.e. RSPCA).  That way you can save a homeless animal from death and your money won’t be used to support the dog and cat population explosion. The goal of the pet shops is to make money so animals in them are often treated as just another "item" to be sold.

Many of the animals in pet shops come from animal mills. These are places where sad, lonely animals live in small cages under awful conditions and are forced to give birth to puppies and kittens over and over again. After about five or six years, the animals in the mills can no longer produce enough and are therefore surrendered to a pound or are killed. If people didn’t buy puppies from pet shops, then animal mills would go out of business and the animals in shelters would find good homes instead of being killed.

When your friends tell you they want to buy a fancy, pedigree dog or cat, tell them about all the homeless animals who are waiting to be adopted. The dogs and cats in shelters are just as nice as the dogs in pet shops. Shelters even have many of the same pedigree dogs and cats as pet stores. There are also many rescue groups for purebreds, so if people want a specific kind of dog or cat they can always adopt one from the rescue group.


 The following organizations can help you save a pet from death row today by adopting, sponsoring or fostering a furry friend:

 Blacktown Animal Holding Facility

415 Flushcombe Rd, Blacktown
Ph: 9839 6161


Animal Welfare League

 Ph:  028899 3333



 Ph: 02 6282 8300


Local Rescue Groups as seen on or by contacting your local animal holding facility.