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Hollie Azzopardi - Wellness Coach!


We spent some time with Hollie  to learn about her new venture as a Wellness Coach . Having seen Hollie's healthy and happy life progress over the last few years, we are so excited that she has launched a business to support other people to live happy, healthy lives too! Hollie is an amazingly inspirational woman and we love her honest and bubbly personality. Health and wellness is her passion and when people put that love into their work, they are sure to excel and that is why we have listed her as our 2016 Person to watch!







Here is what Hollie had to say when we caught up with her

  • Why did you start this business?

I decided to bite the bullet and pursue something I had been passionate about years before ever thinking of going out on my own. My whole life revolves around health and wellness and I get so much joy out of helping others achieve optimum wellbeing – I thought, if I could do this every single day, how awesome would that be?

  •  What inspires your work?

Seeing my clients leave a session inspired, energised and excited about making positive changes in their lives. I just love when people are excited about living their dream lives!

  •  What is your favourite product/service your business offers?

I love the one on one goal setting sessions I have with clients. They could be anything from health goals, to career aspirations, to relationships. I love how unique each person is and how powerful we are as individuals when it comes to setting and achieving goals.

  •  What would you say to someone thinking of starting a business?

If you can’t go a day without thinking about it, and if it lights you up and makes you deeply happy, then just do it! You have so much to gain from the experience and are so worthy of a dream career and business life.

  •  What is something interesting about you or your business?

I have been in business less than a month, but already have 11 clients and so many exciting things in the works! I truly believe if you follow your passions and truth, everything works out.

  •  Where do you see your business in the future?

I just want to help and inspire as many people as possible, all over the world. I’d love the opportunity to give back to causes that are important to me (I am particularly passionate about animal welfare) and so long as I wake up every day inspired and with a smile on my face, my business is doing its job.

  •  What is your business goal for 2015/2016

To replace the income I was earning in my corporate role.

  •  Tell us a little about you

I studied writing and journalism at University but ended up landing a marketing role after Uni. I stayed with the company for 5 years, which I really enjoyed, as it was a small business and I learned a lot about building a business, marketing strategies and managing clients – all things that come in handy now I am out on my own.

 My passion for health and wellness came when my dad was diagnosed with cancer about 4 years ago (he is totally okay now – my hero!) This lead to a lot of research into health, and I started making changes in my life which saw really positive benefits. I decided I wanted to help others to learn and implement these changes in their lives, to live their best, healthiest lives yet!

  •  If you could give one tip to someone, what would it be?

You are so worthy of living the life of your dreams. Take a moment to write down exactly what your dream life would look like – then start to list very small steps you could take today to achieving it!

  •  What is something that you are loving at the moment?

Documentaries! I just watched Cowspiracy and was obsessed. Next on my list is Forks Over Knives.

  •  What is your “must have” item you can’t live without?

My journal. I am always writing and reflecting, and I find it helps so much to crystallise thoughts and ideas (especially if you’re anything like me and have a million thoughts in your head a day!) It’s meditative in a way.


Want to learn more? You can find  Hollie at