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How to: Paint Stripe Walls without Wallpaper

Before painting (during prep)Before painting (during prep)

So many people have looked at this room and asked where we purchased the wallpaper from, however when they are told that it is paint they are usually shocked or suddenly questioning themselves whether they are capable of doing it. The truth is, you can and it is not that hard!

First, you need to pick three colours that complement each other. We chose colours from the ‘Shetland Lace’ family which were colours made by Dulux. We also used a metallic paint to add interest.

The wall was cleaned and prepared (it needs to be smooth without any defects). The base coat that was on all the other walls (different colour to the stripes) was painted on first. After it dried and the last coat was applied, we commenced measuring the stripes. To do this, we found the middle point of the wall (by dividing the wall length by 2), and then halved it again. We were then able to come up with even measurements for each stripe. We marked out roughly where the lines of each stripe would be and then painted the non-metallic colour on. After that dried and had the required coats, we then lined the walls with tape to create the metallic stripes (we put a little horizontal piece of tape so we didn't accidentally paint there).

wall lined with tapewall lined with tapeThe metallic paint has a ‘line effect’ in it, which is done by applying the paint with a brush only and only going in up-down directions. We were shocked that it was that easy, we had spent so long trying to research how to get that affect, but that is all it required!

After it dried, we simply removed the tape and then painted the skirting boards and picture rails.



I must say, whilst I love this effect and this room, I also am a huge fan of horizontal lines and really believe that can make a room look bigger.