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Hello Little Blob

Image courtesy of Cuteimage & freedigitalphotos.netImage courtesy of Cuteimage &

The poem a Mother wrote to conquer her nerves the day before an embryo transfer during her IVF Journey

You were created in a lab with 7 others,
Hooray little blob!
You all held on and grew well,
Stay strong little blob.
Into the freezer you all went,
So cold little blob.
4 of you passed your test with flying colours,
Well done little blob.
 You've had to wait ages for Mummy to be ready,
Nearly there little blob.
Soon you'll come out of the freezer,

Thaw well little blob.
Then you can come home with Mummy,
Hold tight little blob.
If God wills, in 9 months time we can say,
Hello little blob!


You can follow this journey at
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