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SOURCE - Written by : Girls

What is Bullying?

Bullying is being mean to someone over and over again.

 Bullying often is about power. The power could be physical strength, popularity, or even having embarrassing information about someone. Bullies may use the power they have to get more power, to control someone, or to increase their popularity. Bullies often pick on kids who seem weaker, “different,” or less confident.

 Bullying can happen anywhere, including at school, on the Internet, on a sports team, and even at home. People can bully with words or actions, and they can do it alone or in a group.

Bullying is always wrong, and sometimes it is even against the law.

Bullying basics

You can get statistics on bullying and key facts on topics such as the effects of bullying with this infographic. You can also get some quick tips on how to stop bullying [pdf icon PDF 180K].

 There are many types of bullying. Here are some examples of bullying:


  • Name-calling, teasing, or spreading rumors
  • Leaving someone out of a group on purpose
  • Giving someone the “silent treatment”
  • Cyberbullying, which includes using social media, IMs, or texts to send mean messages
  • Making nasty faces or hand gestures at someone
  • Making fun of someone for being different
  • Hair-pulling, biting, and pinching
  • Threatening and scaring others
  • Hitting, punching, yelling, and shoving
  • Telling other kids not to be friends with someone
  • Embarrassing someone in public


Bullying doesn’t just happen between girls. Sometimes, girls bully boys. Girls may make fun of a boy because they think he’s gay, for example. Or they hit him because they think he won’t hit back. Sometimes, boys bully girls.


All kinds of bullying are wrong. Watch the video below and see the different ways KB is bullied. You can watch more webisodes about how KB copes at And you can read our info on how you can handle bullying and even stop it before it starts.


You can be someone who stops bullying before it even starts. How cool is that! Here are some ways to beat bullying at your school.

  • Stand up for people who are bullied. Bullies often want an audience and approval. Let bullies know that you do not think being mean is cool.
  • Take an anti-bullying pledge. Print out our pledge to stand up against bullying. Share it with your friends, and let people know what you believe. And share our anti-bullying image  on Facebook too.
  • Take action. See if you can start an anti-bullying club or prevention program at your school.
  • Talk to other kids. Try to learn more about where bullying happens at your school. Talk about what might help. See if you and some friends can go together to talk to an adult at school.
  • Talk to your teachers or principal. Let adults at school know that you care about this topic. Ask the school to host an assembly on bullying. Ask for an anonymous survey to learn how many kids are being bullied.
  • Talk to your parents or guardians. Your parents or guardians can ask your school to focus more on bullying. We have information for adults on the bullying page in our section for parents and caregivers.
  • Speak (and write) up! Write a blog, school newspaper article, or tweets to tackle bullying.
  • Get creative. How about starting a poster-making or rap-writing contest? Check out more cool ideas, plus tools for having a group discussion on bullying.