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Toy Storage System

Hanging around other mums, and finding myself in my own toy jungle, I have discovered how quickly toys take over every living space in the house. Some toys stay in the corner of one room and sadly are never used, “they don’t need this many toys” parents complain to one another, “we are inundated and only a few get played with”.

Have you read the cardboard boxes that some toys come with? They all have great ideas on how they each help the development of your child. However, with so many toys in their toy box, children very rarely get around to playing with all of them, or playing with some for more than 5 minutes.

Parents share storage ideas all the time, but when there appears to be no clear system that is easy for a child to follow, the toys fail to end up back where they started. So we have developed a system, that is kind of…well…obvious?  We have sorted all the toys into tubs for each day of the week, and here is how:

  • Choose whether you would like 6 or 7 tubs. If you opt for 6, you may be considering having one tub for the weekend, instead of 2, as you may spend your weekends out and about.

  • Sort all your toys into categories – musical toys, soft toys, sorting toys, balls, imaginary toys, craft, dress ups, dolls, cars, etc. Then divide them evenly between each day of the week to ensure there is variety in each box.

  • It is always good to ensure there are some outdoor toys, some craft or imagination toys (toys that do not require batteries, utilise children’s imagination best), and always include some books to encourage reading.

This system introduces days of the week to your child and allows them to learn how they follow each other. This lesson can be done through you talking to your child each morning about what day it is and having them help you pull that day’s box off the shelf and unpack it. Of course, at the end of the day, encouraging them to pack up the toys and put the box back on the shelf encourages them to also learn the system, as well as how to look after their belongings and remain tidy (good luck with that bit! You may like to use a reward chart to help!).

For your free 'Days of the Week' storage labels, click here!