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Using Reward Charts at Home

Large Reward Chart $42.95Large Reward Chart $42.95Is there something you want your child to achieve each day, that they have a little trouble achieving? Reward charts may be the answer for you.  While the concept may seem obvious to some, we have broken down some key tips to remember with using reward charts.

  •  Doowell Kids Star Chart $24.95Reward charts can be behavioural (keep hands to self), chore (set table), or task focused (brush teeth, etc.)
  • Keep tasks simple with only 1-5 tasks listed.

  • Have your child help you to determine what the tasks are, or what the rewards will be.

  • Make the deal clear. Will the child have to receive 5 stars before they get a bigger reward, or something else?

  • Keep the tasks positive. For instance, if your goal is for your child not to hit their siblings, phrase the task “keep hands to self”, if it is not to swear, word it “use nice words”

  • If your child does not behave in an acceptable manner, or they do not complete a task, avoid taking  stars/tokens that they have already earned. This can see them not want to engage in the reward chart, especially if they know tokens can be taken away. Reward charts are to be a positive experience.

  • Ideas for rewards can each be written on little pieces of paper and placed in an envelope, for the child to select. Similarly, you may like to write them on paddle pop sticks and placed in a jar. This offers variety to rewards. However, if your child is highly motivated by something, it is better to stick to these motivators, especially when introducing the boards.

  • You may need to give a big reward at the end of each day initially (and depending on your child), however as time progresses, you can spread these out to every second day, or weekly / monthly.

  • When placing a star on the chart, try to do it as soon as possible so the child associates their good behaviour with the reward, especially if they are younger or unable to read. Be sure to also praise your child (being specific about what they did well), and tell them how proud you are.

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Doowell Kids Star Chart $24.95Doowell Kids Star Chart $24.95

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