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How I feel about Motherhood

"Our Fiji Trip" Image Supplied by Author, Losa Vulaono Kulavere."Our Fiji Trip" Image Supplied by Author, Losa Vulaono Kulavere.

The week after my wedding, I fainted at work. As I rushed to the doctor's surgery I found myself sitting and waiting for the timer on the pregnancy test which the doctor took earlier, I could feel my heartbeat slowing down and it kind of paused when the timer rang. I was congratulated by the doctor. I'm having a baby!!

I shared the news with my brand new husband and he was even shocked.

During my time pregnant, I enjoyed the whole cravings experience, as I didn't have any morning sickness. I loved being pregnant. The last stages were the most adorable stages in my pregnancy because I gained weight and heaps of it too! Before I started having babies, I used to take [health] shakes to gain weight and throughout my high school years I was 60kgs. So, gaining weight for me was awesome.

9 Months later, I finally had my baby boy! And every year after that for the next 4 years I was always popping a baby out. Every one would tell me, 'four boys is enough'. But my heart was yearning for a baby in pink.

On our 5 year wedding anniversary, I was due to have another baby in September 2008. I was told I was having a girl but I had lost hope, because 4 years earlier in the same scans I was also told I was having a girl, but when they handed me my baby after delivery, it was another boy! Looking back now it's funny because I handed the baby back to the nurse!! But this time, I finally got my girl. At long last!! Four boys and one girl. But as my girl grew up, I became clucky, and once again I was lining up at the maternity clinics for the sixth time. And then again, the same maternity line for my lucky seventh.

Since starting my family or tribe, I have noticed that as a mother, my kids are always first in everything from clothes and health, to food.

Image courtesy of Rob Wiltshire & freedigitalphotos.netImage courtesy of Rob Wiltshire & freedigitalphotos.netAs years go by, and as they grow into fine young boys and girls, I know that I can be proud of the children I have loved and nurtured. As soon as they hear their mother cry, their homework is done, their rooms clean, dishes done, clothes folded, and lunches done, before they comfort me. The joys of motherhood - I always have to be 100 steps in front of these kids.

Motherhood is sharing your heartbeats with your kids; their pain and hurt are mine too;  I find myself always worrying about everything to do with their lives. I have told all of my kids, "if there comes a day where I have to bury just one of you, I will fight with God to give me back my Angels that HE gave me". To me, there will never be an Angel good enough to look after my babies.