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Share your Story

We would love to hear from people who have inspiring stories, tips or advice.

If this is you then please contact us with you story.


Why your Story?

Infertility and Grief are experiences endured by the most inspiring women. Sometimes we can go through the journey alone, and sometimes supported. Sometimes in order to move on, clear our head, or simply vent, we need to record the event, let the story be known & get our baby's name heard. That is why we invite all people affected by either infertility, IVF, or  pregnancy and infant loss to share their story. It doesn't need to be you going through it, you may be a grandparent, a sister, or a close friend and would like to discuss your experience as a support person to help others. You do not have to be good at writing, spelling, or grammar, we can help you with that. We just want you to have the opportunity to share the story of your baby, pregnancy, rainbow child, or your general experience, no matter where you are in your journey. 


You can remain anonymous if you prefer. 


Not sure what to write about?

We are strong believers that writing is a healing tool.  Whether you choose to share your story with us, or keep it to yourself, we have developed some topics that aim to inspire you to reflect on that aspect of your experience and to keep you aware of your feelings and connection to your journey.  


The current topics are:

- When I brought my Rainbow home

- What I wish people understood about my journey

- How I keep my angel's memory alive

- Parenting after loss

- What keeps me going


Story Criteria

Whilst we don't really mind what you write about, we do have some guidelines for you.

There is no rule to how long a post has to be. You can write a short and simple post, or an extensive one if you'd like.
Include any photos you'd like to share. If you do not have one, we can try and locate a stock image that is suitable. 
For first-time contributors, send a brief bio (1 to 4 sentences) and a photo we can include with your profile. If you would like to remain anonymous, please let us know.
We also accept previously published blog posts.
Make sure any opinions or beliefs are presented in your story that way rather than as facts. If you do cite facts within your story, please provide a link to a credible source for that information.

Send all stories and story ideas to



Please note that we do edit stories and their titles for length, clarity and our own editorial guidelines. For example, this might mean your title will be changed or certain language will be removed. If we feel we’ve made significant enough changes or altered your original tone, we’ll run it by you first. We never want to misrepresent your voice or message.

Also, unfortunately, sometimes there may be a delay in us publishing your story. Please don’t take our delay as turning you down, we have a small editorial team currently and will work hard on getting your story published as soon as possible. If you do not receive a reply to your email, feel free to message us on Facebook and let us know.