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Introducing a new advertising initiative to you that goes directly into the hands of your target audience at a very low, cost-effective rate.

The creation of ‘Goodie Bags’ have allowed businesses, like yours, to place your advertising material, samples and generous discount vouchers at local, community events where your customers attend.  

We provide ‘Goodie bags’ to school fetes, local sporting events, expos, charity galas and lots more. These events differ so widely that the audience and potential customer reach can be quite large.  

Contributions to each event varies from $10 to $30.

To get involved in this group and to see potential opportunities arising for your business, visit:


There are no obligations or subscriptions to be a member of this group.

Image provided by Stuart Miles & FreeDigital Photos.netImage provided by Stuart Miles & FreeDigital

How to get the Most out of your Goodie Bag